Maurice Sendak

I think a lot of people believe picture book illustrators who create work for children are “child at heart” kind of people who smell daisies and skip down the side walk while wearing bright colors that are only out shined by there smiles. As I’ve come to meet more picture book illustrators I’ve found that this type of ideal is never the case. Lance Bangs and Spike Jonze’s portrait film of Maurice Sendak is a real example of what goes on in the mind of an artist. The 80 something year old Sendak is blunt, gruff, straight forward and obsessed with death. He has a dark sense of humor and is hunted by horrific childhood experiences and a sense that he never quite reached his creative goal. After seeing the documentary I wouldn’t say that Sendak is completely unhappy but more like the rest of the human race he is just unfulfilled and confused about what life is about. I was really glad to have seen this documentary. Sendak speaks volumes about our human condition like an honest old friend. You can learn more and watch a clip of the documentary here.