new itunes logo

Like a lot of people, after downloading the new iTunes 10, I was surprised at the new design. Over all I think the design is a step backwards. It just all feels so… PC/Microsoft. Why copy the design of a company that constantly copies you? I do understand getting rid of the CD image in the logo. People don’t purchase CDs like they used to and iTunes doesn’t sell CD’s, but what’s with electric blue? It reminds me of a PC laptop led light and for some reason makes me think of an iconic Alien head.

Using the new iTunes so far is fine. I could care less about Ping, but Genius seems to work a bit better and I think I’ve noticed a bit of a speed improvement in pulling my music from my Time Capsule. The interface design on the other hand still seems to fall short for me. The icons feel very PC and the volume control with the metal looking ball that neither sits on top of top menu bar or inside doesn’t visually make sense at first glance. It’s like a visual eye trick when you look at it one time it’s on top, the next it recessed inside. Even my friend who works on a PC all day pointed to it and asked me what it was.

If I was on a PC I guess I would care less, but I spent extra money for a better experience and I’ve been conditioned by Apple to be pretentious and expect to be awed and by their design. I even noticed the other day that when I use iTunes, I find myself hiding it more often so I don’t have to looks at it. I’m interested to find out what you think. Please drop me a comment and let me know.