Apple Magic Mouse

To a web developer/designer who probably spends close to 9 hours on a computer every day, a simple thing like a computer mouse really becomes a quality of life issue. I’ve been so blessed. My boss, for a baby gift, just got me an Apple Magic Mouse. I know they’ve been around for a while and there are probably thousands of other reviews but because I’m so excited about this thing I’m writing my own little review. Let’s start off with the pros.

Pros -

  1. The biggest improvement over the Mighty Mouse is there is no longer a track ball. I’ve gone through three Mighty Mouses (the Magic Mouse predecessor) and the track ball on every one ended up being completely useless after about a month from dirt or hand oils that would get on the track ball and make their way inside the mouse to take permanent residence. Even Apple’s website is full of reviews claiming the same issue. Apple finally solved this in the Magic Mouse by removing the track ball completely and replaced it with a track pad.
  2. The second improvement, though it takes some getting used to, is the shape. The Magic Mouse’s lower profile is easier on the hands and wrist.
  3. The battery life also seems longer. The Magic Mouse adds some basic track pad gestures which are nice when surfing the web or working in photoshop.

Cons -

  1. The Magic Mouse did do away with the side buttons that the Mighty Mouse had. I know a lot of people didn’t like those side buttons, but I used them to switch windows open windows with Expose’ all the time.
  2. I used the track ball button with the Mighty Mouse to open up the Dashboard. With no track ball there’s no track ball button.
  3. To get back what’s missing you need a third party plugin. I’m not a fan of adding plugins to the OS core. But to get the functionality back on my Magic Mouse I did a little digging and found Magic Prefs, a free third party plugin that lets you add those missing functions back through added gestures. It’s too bad Apple didn’t just build them right in but Magic Prefs is easy to install and makes life a lot easier for me.

For those of you that have a PC or use bootcamp, I haven’t found anyone really claiming that they get the Magic Mouse to be more than just a one button mouse . There are a few hacks I saw online but a lot of comments from people saying they tried to do the hacks but it didn’t work for them. I think it’s safe to say getting similar functionality on a PC is not easy but probably possible. You can read up on it here if you’d like. If you Google it you find even more.

So that’s my quick review. Do you already use a Magic Mouse? Do you like it or dislike it? Is there a mouse you like better?