Smallville Finale

So finally Smallville is over. For those of you, like myself, that went all the way from season one to the finale in season 10 I congratulate you. Like me you enjoyed a few good years of the show and then because you already put the time into it you wanted to see it out to the end. Like me you’ve had a love hate relationship with the show feeling excited about characters like, Dooms Day, Brainiac and Krypto the Super Dog, and disappointed characters like in Booster Gold and the Toy Man.

The final 2 hour episode did it’s best to tie up loose ends and managed to do so for the most part while still adding to them poor, circular and contradicting dialog that really didn’t make any sense. But that’s how season 10 was. Despite that, it was great to finally see our contemporary Clark Kent take to the skys, with the cape and everything. One of my biggest questions was how are they going to handle the red underpants on the outside of the suit? It really didn’t seem like red underwear fit in the bill of the show. Clark was already wearing a cool leather get up while he zipped around fighting crime. Out of all the choices made in creating the final episode, somebody in the writing staff didn’t want to show those red briefs and I commend him or her for it. Unless Clark was a tiny speck in the distance throwing planets or catching airplanes, every show was pretty much boots, cape from the back or chest up. That alone helped make up for the show’s shortcomings. All in all I enjoyed it though. I think it ended better than it could have and it made me want to watch a Superman movie. So if you TeVo’d it or are thinking os watching the encore on Thursday I say go for it.

What did you think of the finale?