Raw Bacon

BLT Deconstructed

Over the past few years I’ve started paying more attention to food and it’s design. Maybe it’s because of all the cooking networks. Maybe it’s because Meg, my wife, is such a “foodie”. Anyway I figure food is a fun thing to post about. Last night Meg and I had simple deconstructed BLTs. She split a head of romaine lettuce, sprinkled it with salt, pepper and a little lemon oil and bacon on the grill and cooked it for about 10 minutes. She put that on a plate with tomato, cheese and a homemade yogurt dressing. She even made the sourdough bread from scratch. The meal not only looked amazing but the simple flavors of the tomato acid, salty bacon and cool on the tongue dressing became a party in my mouth. Not like a dance party though, more like a dinner party brimming with passionate conversation. I’m sure we’ll be having it again. Oh and for dessert we sprinkled the left over bacon on chocolate ice cream. If you’ve never done it I highly recommend.